The Foggy Memory Band grew out of a mutual interest in bluegrass acoustic music.  Founder, Jon Cross of Saratoga, started casual get togethers of his amateur musician friends to play for fun in his home.  The number of members grew to eight regulars and occasional guests.  New members brought in their favorite songs and the repertoire expanded to the point that no one could remember all of the material, hence The Foggy Memory Band  (FMB) got it’s name.

The band has played at the Alzheimer Walk in San Jose in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as the Bear Valley Lodge, GVA Cafe and the annual Rotary senior luncheons in Morgan Hill, and multiple First Friday evening events in Los Altos.  In October 2015, they played for the annual Airport Day event at Pine Mountain Lake. (see Photo page).  The band performs a variety of relaxed bluegrass, country, folk, and Americana in a casual acoustic style.  Band members include Jon Cross, banjo; Eric Berseth, fiddle; Craig Wynn, guitar and vocals; David Hamilton, guitar;  Larry Farnsley, bass;  Lois Johnson, resonator guitar and vocals; Chuck Berghoff, harmonica; and Pat Murphree, mandolin and vocals. Barb Kirn, guitar and vocals, joins in when she can.

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